Mission Waste2Work

Hurricane Irma has created an enormous amount of extra waste. The landfills are growing in a fast pace. This is having a significant detrimental impact on the environment and on public health.

Waste2Work focuses on circular solutions to reduce the amount of reusable materials ending up on the landfills.

Waste has value!

How cool would it be to create a beautiful bag out of old sails, producing kitchen tiles from your plastic water bottles, making office furniture from your old boat or reprocess wood and metal remnants as hurricane shutters?

Our Partners

Waste2Work started in January 2018 as an initiative from ‘Startup Solutions for Sint Maarten’, a coalition of Netherlands Red Cross, Ministry of Internal Affairs (BZK), Stichting Open House, Innofest, Start-up Delta, Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation and Ministry of Defense. This project is funded by the Netherlands Red Cross and the Dutch Recovery Fund for Sint Maarten.