Upcycle Center

Waste2Work started SXM’s first Upcycle Centre to learn the value of waste: We create custom made furniture & home decor out of reusable waste materials.

The Upcycle Center targets young unemployed adults between 18-25 y/o in the form of a training program. This group needs opportunities to play an important role in future community resilience.


In schools, for team-building, or during your vacation, participate in our upcycling workshops! Our workshop serve to raise awareness on upcycling and reusing waste materials with a hands-on approach. We want to show how you can make a difference by doing things!

Be inspired!

Waste2Work aims to create an inspiring environment in which local entrepreneurial activity and innovation are encouraged. An environment where you share your knowledge, collaborate and be creative.

Our vision for the island is to build the first “SXM Innovation Hub”. It will be a vibrant environment with shared affordable workspace and community space for entrepreneurs to network and create together. The “SXM Innovation Hub” will be built out of reusable waste materials and designed off-the-grid. The community will participate in building it step by step, it is conceived to be a permanently changing space and work in progress.

We envision that the “SXM Innovation Hub” will have the power to inspire the people on SXM to work on circular solutions, together with partners, to address challenges within the community.

Custom-made support

Whether you have your own ideas, or you are interested in expanding on existing solutions, Waste2Work and our knowledge partners offer custom-made support to turn your plan into a sustainable business.

How can you be part of Waste2work?

Purchase our locally-made customized upcycled furniture and home decor.

Sign up in one of our upcycle workshops.

If you would like to become a partner or friend of Waste2work, showcase our furniture, donate wood for the Upcycle Center, donate other reusable materials for the Hub, co-organize workshops, please contact us.

If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who is interested in creating a business on Sint Maarten that utilizes waste. Waste2Work would love to hear your idea. Together we will form a plan to build a sustainable business.

We are continuously growing the support system around Waste2Work and we are looking for mentors, investors and supporting experts in the field of start-ups or waste solutions. Please contact us if you share our ambitions.

Together we make it work!