Upcycle Center

Waste is not a dirty word!

A lot of good materials are thrown out. There are many opportunities for sustainable economic development and one of these is the chance to make new products from reusable waste. That is why we started the Upcycle Center.

We offer locally hand made upcycled products with a unique story.

Making furniture and home decor out of re-usable waste materials

Devastating category 5 hurricane Irma destroyed a lot of buildings on the island. Most of the materials will not be used to rebuild or repair the structures, although most of the materials are very suited to make new furniture and home decor. For the Upcycle Center this is an opportunity to make something beautiful out of the tremendous amounts of extra debris and waste accumulating on the landfill.

The Upcycle Center continuously tries to collect more different reusable waste materials to incorporate them in our designs.

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Training program

We offer young adults from Sint Maarten a 4 months training program. During this training they go through the full process of collecting and cleaning of re-usable waste materials and turning it into beautiful new products. They learn by doing.

The training involves understanding of materials and tools, creative thinking, design, problem solving, communication, teamwork and being proud of what you have accomplished.

All our products are made by, or made with the help of our trainees.

Our goals

– Make locally hand made sustainable products.

– Create custom made designs with a unique story.

– Reduce the amount of waste on the island.

– Teach job skills and life skills to increase job oportunities for Sint Maarten Youth.



If you are interested in one of our prototypes or you would like more information.