During school events, for team-building experiences, or during your vacation, participate in our upcycling workshops! Our workshop serve to raise awareness on upcycling and reusing waste materials with a hands-on approach. We want to show how you can make a difference by creating new products out of waste! Our workshops generally run for 2 to 3 hours and refreshments can be provided upon request. 

Upcycle workshop

Learn how to build lamps out of coffee cans, bags out of sails, coasters out of construction wood, and upcycle a variety of materials (wires, bottle caps, ropes, plastic bottles, etc.). It is an excellent workshop for schools and team-building events, flexible and suitable for all levels, that will boost creativity.

Souvenir workshop

Want to do a fun and family activity while on island? Create something with your hands or take advantage of an overcast day? Make your own SXM souvenir out of old license plates! Turn them into magazine holders, coat hangers or lamps, let your creativity run wild and have something to go home with too!

Workshop volunteer

Want to give back to the community? Come join our upcycle workshops as a volunteer and earn a million karma points! You can help by supporting our workshop coordinator by finding materials, preparing the schedule and guiding the students. This could be your opportunity to spend your time in a fulfilling and rewarding way!